How far is Waldorf Astoria Orlando from airport?

approximately 18 miles

Consequently, can you see fireworks from Waldorf Astoria?

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

When you retire to the hotel at night, you’ll get a coveted view: many accommodations overlook Walt Disney World and Epcot’s daily fireworks.

Beside this, does Waldorf Astoria Orlando have an executive lounge? The Waldorf Astoria Orlando does not offer a club lounge but remains a brilliant luxury choice in this exciting area.

In respect to this, how far is Orlando from Disney World?

You’ll find Walt Disney World roughly 18-20 minutes, or about 20 miles, away from the Orlando Airport, and there is more than one route available. The most efficient routes require that you take a short drive on the highway, and you can also expect tolls. What is this?

How far is the Waldorf Astoria from Disney World?

The distance between Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Walt Disney World is 5 miles. The road distance is 7.3 miles.

How long is the shuttle from Waldorf Astoria to Magic Kingdom?

It takes approximately 1h 9m to get from Waldorf Astoria Orlando to Magic Kingdom, including transfers.

Is the Waldorf Astoria Orlando a Good Neighbor hotel?

The Waldorf Astoria Orlando provides a luxurious experience at Walt Disney World. Attentive service and first class amenities set this hotel apart from the other Disney Good Neighbor Hotels. Disney owns 25 hotels but has agreements with over 40 Good Neighbor Hotels.

Is Waldorf Astoria part of Disney?

Waldorf Astoria Orlando is an official Walt Disney World® Hotel, offering guests special Disney benefits, including Disney’s FastPass+ Service (60 days in advance) and Disney’s Extra Magic Hour benefit.

When did the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Open?

October 2009

Who owns Waldorf Astoria Orlando?

Hilton Worldwide

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