How do you get into Club 33 at Disneyland?

Guests who wish to become members at Club 33 will need to email [email protected] for Walt Disney World, or for Disneyland, you must submit a written letter of inquiry at the address as follows: Club 33 Member Services, 1600 S. Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA 92802, in order to be considered.

Likewise, can Club 33 members bring guests?

When dining at Club 33, members may still request guest passes for those dining with them. However, regular members are now limited to 50 guest passes per year; corporate members are limited to 100 passes. Once the allocated guest passes have been used, members can purchase additional tickets at a 20 percent discount.

In this way, can you take pictures inside Club 33? Inside Disneyland’s Club 33 Special Perks

And while we’re on the topic of the restroom, you will most certainly want to take a trip there. You can find plenty of pictures of the Club 33 restrooms online, but taking photos there is a no-no.

In this manner, how do you get Club 33 ears?

You know Club 33 is the exclusive restaurant inside Disneyland. You don’t have to be a member to purchase the ears, but they can only be purchased within the club. They are $30 and just so SO cute! Had a fun day celebrating Disneyland’s 63rd birthday.

How do you get into Club 1901?

It’s a very exclusive club inside California Adventure, similar to Club 33 inside Disneyland, but only Platinum and Executive members of Club 33 are allowed to go into 1901. Unlike Club 33 though, members can not make reservations for others to visit 1901.

How do you get invited to Club 33?

You must write a letter of inquiry to Club 33 Member Services. There is no guarantee that memberships will be available each year, but if you’re lucky enough you could be placed on the waiting list, which is said to have an average waiting period of more than ten years.

How do you get to stay in Cinderella’s castle?

Therefore, unfortunately, making a reservation for Disney’s Cinderella Castle is impossible. It is only offered to prize winners and very occasionally Disney VIPs. The Cinderella Castle Tour offers you access to the Suite, but you cannot stay overnight. Money can’t buy a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

How long is the waitlist for Club 33?

The waiting lists for Club 33 are at an average of about four years or more.

How many members does Club 33 have?

There are only about 500 memberships at any given time to retain exclusivity, and the only way you can get your own is by invitation-only.

How much does it cost to get into Club 33 at Disneyland?

Another massively popular and highly coveted area in Disneyland (and any Disney Park) is Club 33. Walt created Club 33 for his personal business dealings. Now, Guests pay a very high price to step into the space. Members must pay $33,000 to join as well as the annual fee of $15,000.

What celebrities are members of Club 33?

One cast member recently reported seeing Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline all together at Club 33. Others report seeing Geena Davis, Buddy Ebsen, Fess Parker and more at the Club on various occasions.

Why is it called Club 33?

Name. According to Disney, Club 33 is simply named after its address at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. … Prior to the 2019 opening of Oga’s Cantina in Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Club 33 was the only location within Disneyland Park to offer alcoholic beverages.

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