How do I submit my Disney Junior birthday?

You need to send in the photograph 2 months before your child’s birthday month. For example, if your child’s birthday falls on October, the submission must be made within 1st August to 31st August.

Herein, does Disney do birthday calls?

With every order, you’ll be eligible to receive a character phone call from Mickey and Minnie to wish you a happy birthday! When you receive your order confirmation, you’ll see a link to book your call. Click on this, and add the date you want to receive the message, and for what mobile phone number.

Secondly, how do I register my birthday butt? Website Participation (Fill in the Form): participate by uploading the Contest Entry on Nick India’s official website at the URL by clicking on the “Birthday Bum” tab, uploading the Contest Entry and thereafter press the “SEND” button.

Accordingly, how do I schedule a Disney birthday call?

You will need to sign up for the “It’s Your Birthday!” Celebration at to schedule your child’s personalized greeting. Not your child’s birthday yet? You can still schedule a FREE character call via Disney Movie Rewards.

How do you get Mickey to call your child?

To get Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck or Goofy on the phone, you just have to call 1-877-7-MICKEY. Disney said this will gives kids something to look forward to when they go to bed. And, it will give parents a little bit of a break.

What does Disney do for birthdays?

For birthdays, guests will receive a “Happy Birthday” button with a fun Disney graphic. Celebration buttons are great Disney World souvenirs, but wearing them around the park will let everyone know you’re celebrating a birthday.

What is Mickey Mouse Syndrome?

Abstract. Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), also known as the Steele–Richardson–Olszewski syndrome, is a form of Parkinson-plus syndrome. Patients with PSP show interesting radiological signs such as the ‘Humming bird sign’ and the ‘Mickey mouse sign’.

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