How can I download Bumble?

You can download the Bumble app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. You can also access Bumble via your browser at

Also to know is, can I download Bumble on my computer?

Or you might simply prefer making first moves from the comfort of your laptop, desktop, or tablet. Good news: we created Bumble Web, with all the features you love on our app, but without the need for a smartphone. It’s easy to use, too. All it takes is logging into your current Bumble account through

Also, can you get Bumble on your computer? You have to use the Android emulator Nox Player to download Bumble app for PC/Mac. Simply follow the given instructions in its installation guide to get it on your PC or Mac. After downloading this Android emulator, download Bumble APK on PC.

Regarding this, can you use Bumble without Facebook?

Bumble is the latest company to distance itself from Facebook following the social network’s recent data-sharing scandal. Bumble announced Monday that it will release a feature that lets new users register and log in with their phone number and without sharing their information with Facebook.

Do you need phone number for Bumble?

Bumble does not have a customer support phone number, but our team is always here to help you! … You can contact the Bumble Support Team online 24/7 in the following ways: Directly within the app through the “Contact & FAQ” button.

How do I make a call on Bumble?

To start a call, you first have to match with someone. Once you’ve matched, a video icon and phone icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your conversation screen. Women get the option to call as soon as they match with someone — and this can count as their first move.

How does Bumble work for a man?

Bumble works the same for men and women, except that men aren’t allowed to send the first message to a woman they’ve matched with. Once a woman sends a message to a man, they can chat without any restrictions. After making a match on Bumble, you can see and chat with contacts from the conversation page.

How much is Bumble per month?


Pros Simple, modern interface Swiping feature is addictive Free to use the basic app Video chat Excellent privacy and safety features Robust free version Fun and inclusive interface Video chat
Key Specs and Features
Video Calls
Desktop App
Starting Price $19.99 per month $24.99 per month

Is Bumble compatible with Android?

Bumble is available for Android 5.0 and up as well as IOS 12.0 and later.

Is Bumble download free?

Bumble is free to download and use. However, we also offer optional subscription packages (Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost) and single or multiple-use paid services for which no subscription is required (including Spotlights and SuperSwipes).

What age group is Bumble for?

According to April 2020 survey data of adults in the United States, 10 percent of respondents aged 30 to 44 years were currently using Bumble. Adults aged 18 to 29 years were most likely to use the social dating app, as 13 percent of respondents from that age group confirmed being current users.

Why won’t Bumble download on my phone?

The solution could be as easy as restarting the app or as advanced as needing to contact Bumble’s support team. Sign in on another device. This might require downloading the Bumble app for iOS or downloading the Bumble app for Android if you don’t already have it on your alternative device.

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