Did Mira, Royal Detective get Cancelled?

Mira Royal Detective: The mystery adventure show Mira, Royal Detective gets renewed for a second season. The animated series with the “first South Asian protagonist” will air on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW.

Simply so, does Mira, Royal Detective have parents?

Mira’s mother is first mentioned in “The Great Diwali Mystery”, and it’s hinted that she passed away prior to the series.

Beside this, how old is Mira from Mira, Royal Detective?


Moreover, is Mira a princess?

Mira, Royal Detective, courtesy of Disney Junior. Set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur, the series follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective after solving a mystery that involves saving the kingdom’s young prince, the programmer said.

Is Mira The detective on Disney plus?

Mira, Royal Detective, an animated series starring Leela Ladnier, Freida Pinto, and Kal Penn is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Spectrum TV, Disney Plus or DisneyNOW on your Roku device.

Is Mira The royal detective Indian?

Debuting March 20, 2020 in the U.S. and India, the series is set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur and follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a young girl who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the Queen.

Is Mira, Royal Detective a princess?

To solve this case, the queen asks Mira to go undercover at the party―as a princess! After learning the ins and outs of royal life from her friend, Prince Neel, Mira trades in her detective coat for a princess disguise.

Is Mira, Royal Detective related to Elena of Avalor?

Emmy-nominated Sascha Paladino (Miles from Tomorrowland) is executive producer of Mira, Royal Detective, which was developed by Becca Topol (Elena of Avalor), who also serves as story editor and co-producer.

What animal is chikku?

Chikku is a bluish-grey blue mongoose with brown eyes. He’s much more chubbier than his brother, Mikku.

What are the two animals on Mira, Royal Detective?

Mikku and Chikku are Mira’s two mongoose sidekicks who appear in the Disney Junior animated series, Mira, Royal Detective.

What nationality is Mira, Royal Detective?


Who is Mira, Royal Detective boyfriend?

Prince Neel is a prince of Jalpur, a talented inventor and a main character in Mira, Royal Detective. He is Mira and Priya’s friend and also possibly has a crush on Mira.

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