Did Al Capone stay at the Read House?

Capone stayed in the Read House a short time during his federal trial in the early 20th century. Custom iron bars were added to the windows in the room Capone resided in (Room 311), and remained there until a renovation in 2004.

Subsequently, how far is the Read House from aquarium?

The Read House is in downtown Chattanooga, about a six-minute drive or 15-minute walk (north) of the Tennessee Aquarium and other attractions along the city’s bustling riverfront.

Consequently, how many floors does the Read House have?


One may also ask, how many rooms does the Read House have?


When was the Chattanooga READ house built?

Read House Hotel, located in downtown Chattanooga at the corner of Broad Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard, was constructed in 1926 at a cost of over two million dollars. The hotel was designed by Holabird and Roche, an architectural firm from Chicago, and built by George A.

Who owns the Read House Chattanooga?

The seller, Read House Investors, LP, has owned the property since 1994 and entered a sale agreement with AHG in May 2016. No Street View available. The 242-room hotel on Broad Street was built in 1926.

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