Can you walk from Hilton Garden Inn Anaheim to Disneyland?

Hilton Garden Inn and Home2 Suites is located at 1441 S. Mancehster Ave Anaheim, CA 92802. Two dynamic hotels in one gives you select shared amenities and community areas with the brand you’re used to. Around the corner from Harbor, you’ll see Disneyland Resort is a short walk away.

Also to know is, do you have to pay for parking at Hilton Anaheim?

The resort charges a daily self-parking fee of $24 plus tax. Valet parking is $30 plus tax.

In this regard, does Hilton Anaheim have a shuttle? Shuttle Service

Area Resort Transit (ART) connects Hilton Anaheim with Disneyland® and other area attractions. Service runs daily from the hotel on routes 4 and 5. Stop by the front desk for details or visit the ART website to check schedules and buy tickets.

Beside this, does Hilton Anaheim have resort fee?

8 answers. No resort fee at Hilton Anaheim.

How far is Hilton Anaheim from Disney?

Enjoy a family-friendly stay one mile from Disneyland® Resort and across the street from Anaheim Convention Center. At our Disney Good Neighbor hotel, we’re happy to offer advice, arrange shuttle service, and help you plan your day at the world-class attractions nearby.

How far is Hilton Anaheim from the beach?

The distance between Hilton Anaheim and Huntington Beach is 11 miles.

How far is Hilton Garden Inn Anaheim to Disneyland?

one mile

How much is parking at the Anaheim Convention Center?

The parking fee is $16.00 per vehicle per day with no in/out privileges. Additionally there is a premium rate of $21.00 and a VIP rate of $26.00, also with no in/out privileges.

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